Since 1966
Marbles and Travertines

Processing and supply of slabs, floor, coverings, interior and exterior decoration in marble, travertine and agglomerate.


Marbles, travertines and agglomerates for setting spaces to be lived in harmony.



Surrounded by natural elements

A vast inventory of marbles collected in alphabetical order to enable you to easily reach the material of your interest.

This page is the point of contact that will lead us to the slabs with the right grain, colour, thickness and size for your project. 



Modern and steeped in history

A material that right since the glory of ancient Rome still manages to capture and express the sense of history with its porous texture and ancient tones.

Using a material that remains alive in important statues and monuments is a way to populate our present times by referring to values such as meaning and permanence with roots that draw from the journey of humanity. 



With Quarella imagination and quality

Proudly made in Italy, these materials cover a vast colour palette, with combinations and compositions that capture modern aesthetics and place them into the style that makes Italy famous worldwide.

Studied and designed with mixtures of resin with marble or quartz, they are able to bring modern complexity to a solution of cohesion and harmony. 

Scelta per colore


Selection by colour

On this page we arranged the materials side by side, while respecting the categories they belong to (marble - travertine - agglomerate), in order to make their choice easier by following the shades and lights they express.

This will make it easier to trace our wide selection back to the colours you want. 


Continuous research to allow every request and wish to be fulfilled.
Carefully selected new materials and innovative processes provide modern, contemporary aesthetics. Treatments that protect and improve quality.

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Gothic Grey

Autumn 2022

Gothic Grey

Trattamento Quarella

Autumn 2023

Treatment for Quarella Agglomeration

Crema Mediterraneo

Autumn 2023

Crema Mediterraneo


Marble resin agglomerate

A material that combines light, harmony and character


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