Why work with us


A satisfied customer is the best business strategy.
This ability of ours is based on an experience that began in the 1960s considering that the customer is first and foremost a person who comes to us to fulfil a wish.
In the course of a history that began with craft technologies and few workers, our company has grown by implementing deep technological transformations and developing attitudes of maximum cooperation.

From Sant'Ambrogio Valpolicella, in the heart of a very important area for the production and trade of natural stone, in a total area of 10,000 square metres, we work for the domestic and foreign markets.
We offer quality and the utmost care for the product, state-of-the-art machinery, and a technical and human background capable of satisfying and interpreting the wishes of our customers.

Our focus, from the selection of the block to the finished product, is on satisfying this desire with the asset that our customers will enjoy.
It is important for us to meet any requirement, and it is this strength that has allowed us to grow and expand our market over all these years.
We know how to advise customers in the choice of the most suitable material, meet special and customised requirements, and identify working methods that will bring nature to shine through to enhance your every setting.

The salient characteristic of marbles and travertines is their uniqueness. No one piece of furniture, floor or wall covering for interior or exterior use will ever be the same as another.
With agglomerates, we address architects and interior designers looking for innovative solutions for floor and wall coverings with Italian trend and lifestyle. 

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